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Heroic Ol' Chopper's Meat Jacket · Common Jacket IMba.FooD
Posted 2 days ago
6 keys
Treasure Key · Common Treasure Key Awezomenezz
Posted 4 days ago
1 key
Captain Bamboo · Common Courier | Nemo |
Posted 4 days ago
60 keys
Mane of the Demon Stone · Common Hair MMP
Posted 5 days ago
1 key
Inscribed Fearless Badger · Common Courier ImDoctor
Posted 6 days ago
1 key
Ornate Hat of Good Fortune · Common Hat Josh [AbsolutelyLiqoured]
Posted 6 days ago
2 keys
Gift of the Sea Shoulders · Common Shoulder piece shevtsov200
Posted 6 days ago
1 key
Corrupted Bloodstained Britches · Common Pants xhAel
Posted 6 days ago
4 keys
Sanguine Moon Patch · Common Eye Patch [Gen] Watéox (ARG)
Posted 7 days ago
1 key
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Do you want to see backpack.tf prices on tf2 outpost?

It's always fun to see what people create with our APIs. I just noticed this new chrome extension on r/tf2trade. It uses the current API so it supports almost everything (no australiums, I'm afraid) Make sure you click the key in the address bar and…

Posted 6 days ago ·

TF2 Update - Finally, organizing your backpack just got easier!

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Improved the Backpack UI Added page buttons for all pages Removed prev/next buttons Updated the dra…

Posted 2 weeks ago ·

Tip of the Hats community fundraiser starts today @ 12PM EST!

Tip of the Hats is an annual charity livestream event benefiting One Step Camp, hosted by the competitive Team Fortress 2 community. Held in April 2013, the inaugural event lasted 36 hours and raised over $35,000. Players from around the world parti…

Posted 3 weeks ago ·

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